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images of Art Department work George Caleb Bingham Gallery


Past Exhibits

May 5th- 15th, 2014
Senior Art Show
a group exhibition by senior seminar student

April 28th- May 2nd, 2014
MFA Thesis Exhibition by Bill Wilkey

April 14th- 25th, 2014
MFA Thesis Exhibition by Charlie Thompson & Eric Norby

March 31th- April11th, 2014
a Dual Thesis Exhibiiton by Jane Jun & Greta Myers

March 17th- 21st, 2014
MFA Thesis Exhibition by Bethanie Collins

March 3rd- 14th, 2014
"Dwell" And "Eminent Domain"
MFA Thesis Exhibition by Miranda Lee & Matt Rahner

February 17- 27, 2014

January 27th- February 13th, 2014
The Art of Malaika Favorite and Adrienne Walker Hoard

January 13th- 23rd, 2014
M.F.A. Candidates' Showcase: New Works by MU Art Graduate Students

December 2nd- 13th, 2013
"Those Who Can, TEACH!" The Art of Artist Teachers
MU Art Education Showcase

November 11th- 21st, 2013
Foundations Showcase
Works in various media by beginning students

October28- November 8, 2013
"My America"
MFA Thesis Exhibiiton by Ron Thompson

September 30- October25, 2013
"New Pedestrians" And "Save: Strength in Numbers"
a Dual Thesis Exhibiiton by Chris Hall and Danielle Langdon

September 2nd- 26th, 2013
"Revealing Place"
Student documentary photography

August 19th– August 29th, 2013
"The Biannual Alumni Exhibition"
Dan Gemkow and Therese Pfeifer

June 3– August 15, 2013
"Both Sides of the Brain"
An Exhibition of International Mezzotint Prints

June 3– August 15, 2013
"Certain Densities"
An Exhibition of Perceptual Paintings

May 20– May 30, 2013
"Fight or Flight"
An Art Installation by J. Penney Burton

April 19– May 17, 2013
"Last Call"
Collaboration of works from the MU Department of Art's seniors of 2013

April 15– 25, 2013
M.F.A. Thesis Exhibit by Ceramic Artist Norleen Nosri

April 1–12, 2013
"Echoes of the Voiceless"
M.F.A. Thesis Exhibit by Zeinab Chaichi Raghimi

February 28 – March 21, 2013
Undergraduate Juried Exhibition

February 4 – 21, 2013
"What Is Done"
Visiting artist: Mathew McConnell

January 14 – 31, 2013
M.F.A. Students ShowCase

December 3-14, 2012
The Art of Artist Teachers

November 26– 30, 2012
Foundation student showcase

November 5-14, 2012
Works on Paper by Rolando Estevez Jordan
*Part of the international conference, Cultural Bricolage

October 22 - November 1, 2012
Ego Trip:
M.F.A. Thesis Exhibit by Nabil El Jaouhari

October 8 - 18, 2012
Faking it:

M.F.A. Thesis Exhibit by Catherine Armbrust

September 17 - October 4, 2012
The Clay Cup: Icon, Vessel, Canvas
A national juried exhibition

September 12 & 13, 2012
Special Exhibit: VisitingArtist Yang Soon Yeal

Exhibit dates: September 4th - 11th, 2012
MU Department of Art Faculty Showcase:
Selections Original artwork by 25 Professors of Art in a variety of media

June 4th - August 30th, 2012
An Artist Travels to India
Selections from the collection and works of Robert Bussabarger

April 30– May17, 2012
Graduating Seniors Exhibition

April 20– 27, 2012
Harrison Bergeron: A Multimedia Extraveganza

David Spear: MFA Thesis Exhibition

April 13– April 18, 2012
Anti-Heroic Painting

Jake Johnson: MFA Thesis Exhibition

April 2– 6, 2012
Trudy Rogers - Denham: MFA Thesis Exhibition

March 5– March 22, 2012
little poetry: Ann Coddington Rast

February 13– March 1, 2012
Undergraduate Juried Exhibition

January 9–February 9, 2012
Strength in Numbers: MFA Showcase

November 28–December 2, 2011–
Come To Nothing 
Eric Sweet—MFA Thesis Exhibition

November14–November 18, 2011
China Marries America: Cross-Cultural Marriage as an Example of Transnational Understanding and Cooperation 
Suqin "Jackie" Lin—MFA Thesis Exhibition

October 10–November 3, 2011
Third Annual Alumni Exhibition
Charles Pilkey, John Preus, and Thomas Parker

September 12–October 7, 2011
Solo Exhibition by Dylan Vitone

August 29–September 8, 2011
Work by New Faculty
Joe Pintz, Kristen Martincic, and Claire Stigliani

May 16–August 25, 2011

May 2–13, 2011
Untitled (Mix Tape)
Graduating Senior Exhibition

April 4–27, 2011
Forms of Repose
Natalie Hellmann—MFA ThesisExhibition

February 28–March 24, 2011
Tallgrass Prarie
George Olson

February 14–24, 2011
Annual Undergraduate Juried Art Excellence Exhibition
Juror: Dr. James van Dyke

January 10–February 4, 2011
Where I End and You Begin
MFA Graduate Student Showcase

December 6–December16, 2010
Art Education Exhibition

November 29–December 3, 2010
Re-Altered Landscapes
Dan Gemkow—MFA Thesis Exhibitions

November 15–November 19, 2010
Contextus ad Absurdum
J. Sloane Snure Paullus—MFA Thesis Exhibition

November 8–November 11, 2010
Domonique Venzant—MFA Thesis Exhibitions

October18–November4, 2010
Second Annual Alumni Exhibition
Sara Tull Meyer

September 20–October14, 2010
On Fire
Larry Schwarm

August 30–September16, 2010
University of Missouri Art Faculty Exhibition

May 17–August 26, 2010
Lifetime Achievement Showcase—Part Three
Professors Emeritus Jerry Berneche and Brooke Cameron

May 3–May 13, 2010

Graduating Senior Exhibition

April 19–April 29, 2010
It's Elementary My Dear Watson
Ian Shelly—MFA Thesis Exhibition

April 9–April15 ,2010

Nancy Brown—MFA Thesis Exhibition

March 8–March 25, 2010
Annual Undergraduate Juried Art Excellence Exhibition
Juror: Professor Emeritus Frank Stack

February 8–March 4, 2010
Lupus Garrett: Solo Exhibition

January 11–February 4, 2010
The Showcase Showdown
MFA Graduate Student Showcase

December 7–17, 2009
Graduating Senior Exhibition

November 9–December 3, 2009
Technology and Tradition—Fiber works by Nicole Ottwell
MFA Thesis Exhibition

October 19–November 5, 2009
First Annual Alumni Exhibition
Jenny Dowd, Erin Cork, and Curtis Erlinger

October 5–15, 2009
Art Education Student Exhibition

September 7–October 1, 2009
Susan Taylor Glasgow: Communal Nest

August 10–September 3, 2009
Qi: The Dynamic Movement of Energy
Lampo Leong, and
Local Weather
Joe Johnson

July 24–August 28, 2009
Bite the Hands that Feed You
Chris Morrey—MFA Thesis Exhibition

July 6–August 6, 2009
Facing Home: Watercolors from Mississippi
Jim Miller

May 11–July 2, 2009
Un/Natural Construct
Lanny Bergner

April 20–30, 2009
Standing Room Only

Graduating Senior Exhibition

April 6–16, 2009
Monuments to Water and Air Systems
Matt Moyer—MFA Thesis Exhibition

March 16–April 3, 2009
Un-rooted: An Exhibit of Photographsand
Banal: Sculptural Meditations on the Unfamiliar
Leonor Jurado and Eric de Leon Zamuco—MFA Thesis Exhibitions

March 2–13, 2009
The Isolation of Western Society from the Revelations of Nature
John Selburg—MFA Thesis Exhibition

February 16–26, 2009
Undergraduate Juried Exhibition

Juror: Dr. Kurt Rahmlow

February 9–13, 2009
Uprising: Art of Artist Teachers
Art Education Exhibition

January 12–February 5, 2009
Happy Medium
MFA Graduate Student Showcase

December 8–19, 2008
What the Sleep-Starved See
Graduating Senior Exhibition

November 17–December 4, 2008
Visiting Professor Exhibition: Jessica Thornton and Nathan Sullivan

October 13–November 15, 2008
Self-Assessment and Systems of (il)logical Compilations
Christine A. Holtz

September 22–October 10, 2008
EXCHANGE: UMKC Art Faculty Show

August 18–September 18, 2008
University of Missouri Art Faculty Show

July 14–August 7, 2008
Lifetime Achievement Showcase—Part Two
Professor Emeriti Exhibition: Frank Stack, Lawrence Rugolo, and Larry Kantner

June 2–July 10, 2008
Lifetime Achievement Showcase—Part One
Professor Emeriti Exhibition: William Berry, Oliver Schuchard, and Robert Bussabarger

May 5–May 16, 2008
Game Over. Continue?
Graduating Senior Exhibition

April 7–May 1, 2008
Home-made Home: Invented Objects of Nostalgic Longings
Hannah Reeves—MFA Thesis Exhibition

March 17–April 3, 2008
New Faculty Exhibition: Cherie Sampson and JJ Higgins

March 3–March 13, 2008
Undergraduate Juried Art Excellence Exhibition
Juror: Greig Thompson

February 11–February 28, 2008
Vantage Points
New Faculty Exhibition: Matthew Ballou, Chris Dannigelis, Daniel Farnum, John Murdock, and Katherine Johnson

January 14–February 7, 2008
Peopled Paintings

Steve Budington, Josh Crow, Chris Lowrance, Melanie Lowrance, Robert McCann, Jennifer Meanley, Annie Wedler, and Andrew Todd Winship

December 3–December 14, 2007
Supermarket Standard
Graduating Senior Exhibition

November 5–November 29, 2007
Val Wedel—MFA Thesis Exhibition

October 15–November 1, 2007
MFA Graduate Student Showcase

October 1–October 11, 2007
What's the Big Idea?: The Art of Art Educators

September 17–September 27, 2007
Artifacts and Fantsay
Paula Kientzel—MFA Thesis Exhibition

August 20–September 13, 2007
Two artists present very different sets of paintings that illustrate Sarah Bree’s short story ‘The Base Pair,’ from her long-forgotten book Fables Without Morals
Brett Grill and Nathan Boyer

May 29–August 9, 2007
Endangered Species
Carol LeBaron

April 30–May 24, 2007
An Absurd Beauty and
A Man Ain't Nothin' But a Man
Amanda Salov and Eric Carlson—MFA Thesis Exhibitions

March 12–April 20, 2007
We Clean Up Nice
Graduating Senior Exhibition

February 19–March 8, 2007
Undergraduate Art Excellence Exhibition
Juror: Michael Sleadd

Janaury 29–February 15, 2007
Printed Matter
Ric Wilson, AWG, and Bob Hartzell

December 4, 2006–January 26, 2007
MFA Graduate Student Showcase

November 13–November 30, 2006
Art & Design Sentior Show
Graduting Senior Exhibition

October 30–November 10, 2006
Juicy: The Art of Art Educators Exhibition

October 9–October 27, 2006
International Modern Brush Painting

September 18–October 5, 2006
Daddy's Hands
Joe Bussell

May 8–September 14, 2006
Faculty Exhibition

April 17–May 5, 2006
A Seven-Letter Word For Art
Eric Troolin—MFA Thesis Exhibit

March 20–April 13, 2006
Lighten Up It's Just Art
Graduating Senior Exhibition

February 20–March 16, 2006
Prospect: Recent Sculpture
Paul Sacaridiz

January 23–February 16, 2006
MFA Graduate Student Showcase

December 5, 2005–January 16, 2006
Undergraduate Juried Art Excellence Exhibition
Juror: Ben Cameron

November 7–December 1, 2005
Graduating Sention Exhibition

October 10–November 3, 2005
The Fragility of Knowledgeand
Land of the American Condition
Curtis Erlinger and Nick Pena—MFA Thesis Exhibition

September 16–October 7, 2005
The Art of Jim Cook

May 9–July 15, 2005
material expression of zeros and ones

April 18–May 5, 2005
Graduating Senior Exhibition

March 28–April14, 2005
A Common Humanity
Luke Helms—Master Thesis Exhibition

February 28–March 24, 2005
Faculty Exhibition

February 10–February 24, 2005
"in fact, we are much better off if we bring it all with us..." visiting faculty exhibition

January 18–February 3, 2005
In Transit
MFA Graduate Student Showcase

December 6, 2004–January 14, 2005
Undergraduate Juried Art Excellence Exhibition
Juror: Michael Sleadd

November 8–25, 2004
Senior Showcase

November 1–5, 2004
Farm Story: A Place of Belonging—Joleen Goff

October 18–28, 2004
Understanding—Mark Alan Mueller

October 4–14, 2004
The Art of Artist Teachers

September 7–23, 2004
Elegies—New Works by Bede Clarke


TrudyRoger Denham
MFA Exhibition 2012

Nick Pena work
MFA Thesis Exhibit:
Curtis Erlinger and Nick Pena

Jim Cook work
The Art of Jim Cook

Brooke Cameron work
Faculty Exhibition 2005

Bede Clarke
Elegies—New Work by
Bede Clarke

Jenny Dowd
Alumni Exhibition 2009

Susan Taylor Glasgow
The Communal Nest

Valerie Wedel
MFA Thesis Exhibit:
Valerie Wedel

Anne Thompson
Faculty Exhibition 2010

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